Runtime 95 mins
Screening in Pálás cinema
Sunday 10th
Monday 11th
Tuesday 12th
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th
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Language: Spanish  |  Cycle: Junior |  Subtitles: English  |  Genre/Theme: Drama |  Age: 12+

In a small community on the Mexican Pacific coast, a group of children are certain that with the right map they will find a pirate treasure that for centuries has lain hidden. Armed with their intelligence, a tablet, and some maps, they are given freedom to go their own ways, and together find something much more valuable than a buried treasure. Tesoros the story of children confidently indulging their lust for life and curiosity. it transports us to a place of optimism, beauty and wonder.

Key Study Areas CSP Studies
Director María Novaro
Writer María Novaro
Country Mexico
Year 2017

In association with IFI Education