Stars By The Pound (100 Kilo D'Étoiles)

Runtime 85 mins
Screening in Pálás cinema
Sunday 10th
Monday 11th
Tuesday 12th
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th
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Language: French  |  Cycle: Junior  |  Subtitles: English  |  Genre/Theme: Comedy |  Age: 12+

When bright and talented Lois is told by her science teacher that her excess weight means she will never become an astronaut, she faces a battle with her own body image that leads to hospital. There she makes friends with three girls each fighting their own battles which leave them vulnerable. Together, they motivate each other to take a road trip and enter a science competition that could win them a zero gravity flight. A sweet, touching story about friendship and self-belief.

Key Study Areas French
Director Marie-Sophie Chambon
Writer Marie-Sophie Chambon, Anaïs Carpita
Country France
Year 2018

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