Rebel Without A Cause

Tue. 7th Nov. / Pálás  / 20:30


Director Nicholas Ray’s classic is perhaps one of the first Hollywood films to earn the label of a ‘teen movie.’ Starring James Dean and Natalie Wood, the film was a groundbreaking attempt to portray the moral decay of American youth, critique parental style, and explore the differences and conflicts between generations. The film achieved landmark status for the acting of cultural icon Dean, who died before the film’s release, in his most celebrated role: Jim Stark, a restless teenager always in trouble with the law, and whose interest in Judy (Wood) makes him determined to prove himself in switchblade fights and ‘chickie’ car races.

Director Nicholas Ray
Writers Stewart Stern, Irving Shulman, Nicholas Ray
Cast James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Mineo

Year 1955
Country United States
Duration 111 Mins

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