Future Filmmakers Two

Town Hall Theatre / Time: 14.00 / Thursday 10th November 2016 / 12+
Shorts Showcase & Awards

5 a day Junior Leader

Clondalkin Youth Services
This film used visuals referencing computer games to explain ways to get your 5 a day for mental health.



St Michael Community College, Kilmehil Co Clare
Evan is starting at secondary school, will his best friend from primary school remain his best friend and how will he cope in anew environment


The Messenger

St Endas College, Galway
A fatal message is about to be delivered


Stranger Danger

Jonathan Connolly, Galway
Chatting to online friends leads to sinister endings.


GAFF & West End Youth Centre, Limerick
One traveler girl is finding it difficult to come to terms with the death of her mother.



Tadhg Connolly & Ben Schonfeld, Dublin
A young man having trouble sleeping tries to find a solution to his problems.



Rosa Maher, Tipperary
Envy is a film about four best friends who begin to receive threatening messages from a shadowy figure. However the truth about the shadowy figure shows them all nothing is as it seems.


I Am Infinite

St Anne’s Community College
This movie is about a character who feels that he’s worthless but with the help of a friend finds out his true potential to become anything he wants.


A Dog’s Christmas

Martyna Glowicka, Le Cheile Secondary School, Dublin
A dog has a lovely Christmas.

Galway Film Centre Animation Camps

GVG, Portal Problems, Technical Difficulties

Mi Life

Trading Faces Film School, Galway
So busy in your virtual world…you miss life…as its going down!

A Wider Path

Richard Thien, Donegal
Alex feels lost before he meets Emily, in time she accepts her true feelings and discovers her path.



YIFM Kilkenny
When the kitchen gets ransacked by unknown assailants, a boy goes on a rampage


Endless Cycle

Bru Youth Services Dublin
We all get judged and in turn judge others. It is an endless cycle that needs to be broken.