23rd Junior Film Fleadh  Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th, November 2017

Future Filmmakers Two

Town Hall Theatre / 14:00 / Thursday 9th November 2017 / 65 mins / 12+
Shorts Showcase & Awards
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The Bully

Jonah Maxwell, USA

Mirror Image

Yasmin O’Reilly & Hannah Donnellan, Trading Faces Film School, Galway
Image – Something we all project, for protection


Sean Dillon, Young Irish Filmmakers, Kilkenny
When a Hypnotist tries to take control its down to one boy to save the day.

Climbing Accident

Conor Nelligan, GFC Animation Camp

Bear Bait

Emma Madden, GFC Animation Camp

The Ghost of St Kiln’s

Galway Film Centre Live Action Drama Camp Summer 2017
Everybody receives the same unusual letter…but what does it mean? Is it the Ghost of St. Kiln?

Upside Down

Mary Georgali, St Enda’s College, TY Media Course

Alien Pride

Jamie Dalton, Young Irish Filmmakers, Kilkenny
Being excepted by your peers for who you really are.

An Gliomach Mór

Jack Lindey, GK Media, in association Galway City Museum
A short film based on Irish Folklore about a sea monster called the ‘Gliomach’


Oisin O’Keeffe, St Enda’s College, TY Media Course
A man sneers a lower class citizen but his life unravels and breaks down.

The Silencers

Jack Lenihan, Trading Faces Film School, Galway
A chilling Short dealing with consequences, regret and very real fear!


Imogen Reinhardt, Trading Faces Film School, Galway
Bullying, exclusion – welcome to the ugly side of teen life.


by Clapperboard Film School, Galway