Future Filmmakers Three

Town Hall Theatre / Time: 14:15 Friday 11th November 2016 / 15+
Shorts Showcase & Awards
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Youtube Drama

Alan Power, Kilkenny
Three friends try to create a YouTube channel.


Comeback to Me

Adam O’Dwyer, Tipperary
The film is a fictional story about the affect of the Alzheimer’s disease on a family and the tragedy that has befallen them because of it. Abigail lives with her father and the story takes place one morning in his bedroom.


Bawnogue Junior Leaders/Clondalkin Youth Services
This film is about the importance of speaking to someone if it all gets too much in Life. Casey is having a hard time at home and is acting out in school in front of her peers and hasn’t told them what’s happening. Her best friend Robyn realises something is up when she doesn’t turn up to meet her so she needs to ask her what’s happening and this is where the story unfolds!!


Eat to Live

Stephanie Ryan & Trinity Gask, St Endas College, Galway
Darren’s new housemate skills at cooking are about to be found out!



Hugh McInerney, Carlow
Just out of college and ready to find his feet, Darragh’s life takes a path that always seems to be just short of what he wants.




Foroige Youth Group, Ballinfoyle, Galway
This short movie is comprised of a number of comical trailers written, directed and filmed by a group of young people who took part in a week long Foroige Film making summer camp in June 2016. The trailers parody some existing television adverts and movie trailers and deal with some topical issues in a light hearted nature.


Liam Cronly, Meath
Homework. A refreshing mental exercise. But to teenagers, it’s their worst nightmare. In this film, A young man tries and procrastinates and tries again to complete his homework. But will he be successful?


Semi Detached

Oisin Donnelly-White, Clare
A bright young girl is exposed to the educational system.



Rachel McGill, Limerick
Set in an Irish psychiatric hospital in the 1940’s, Eva, a young girl pushed to the brink of madness, let’s us step into her world and experience the anxieties, hallucinations and depressions of her everyday life. Inspired by the famous poem “Poppies in July” by Sylvia Plath.


Ethan Jones & David Mooney, Dublin
Tom’s day is seen through his dark pessimistic perspective while he thinks bad things are happening when they really aren’t.


Sticks and Stones

Leaving Cert Applied, Colaiste & Trocaire, Limerick
School based,semi rural, west Limerick drama on the theme of technology-enabled bullying.


All I Want

Lauren Breslin, Ashbourne Community School, Meath
A runaway teenage girl battles a lonely life on the streets.


In My Own Words

Karl Reddy, Aoife Durkin, Holly McDermott, Sinead Giblin & James Matthews,
St Colmcille Community School, Dublin
A teenage boy tells the story of how he has not allowed his speech and language difficulties to define him as a person. This is Karl Reddy’s true story.



Three Minutes

Colaiste Iosaef, Limerick
Short film looking at teenage relationships and pregancy




Tommy Moloney & Liam Murray, YIFM, Kilkenny
A study on depression.