23rd Junior Film Fleadh  Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th, November 2017

Future Filmmakers Three

Town Hall Theatre / 14:00 / Friday 10th November 2017 / 75 mins / 15+
Shorts Showcase & Awards
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Life At GAP: A Teenage View

Kieran Lyons, Galway Autism Partnership
A group of 10 young people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder worked together to develop a short film telling their story. Part documentary, part music video and part killer clown horror, this short film is as hilarious, diverse and unique as the teenagers that created it.


Tom Considine, St Enda’s College, TY Media Course
A male teen is pressured by his peers into a situation he does not want to be in.

Drama Club

Emma Grogan, Young Irish Filmmakers, Co Kilkenny
Shaz joins the drama club of her new school – but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Can’t Sleep

Aaron Moloney, Co Clare
A boy with insomnia realises his addiction of illustrating a mysterious car, and struggles to break free.


Zac Goold & Robert Madden, Co Wicklow
Made with just an iPhone and a tripod, this film tells the emotional story of what unfortunately happens every day, and what can happen as a result.
**Please never prank call helplines.


Julia Twamley, Dublin
A troubled homeless man’s daily routine is disrupted when he meets a runaway teenager with a different outlook on life and the people they each left behind.


Melanie O’Donnell, Co Limerick
With the help of her psychiatrist, Ciara, a young patient seeks to purge her mind through her art.

Hidden Potential

Eamon McMahon, Co Wicklow
Anthony- a young school child (8) is bullied throughout his time in school. Until, he steps up & does something remarkable.


Zac Goold, Co Wicklow
An original film about a seventeen-year-old boy who is addicted, with a shocking twist.

The Final Shootout

Adam Burke, Tuam Co, Galway
A shootout compiled of stock footage without effects.