Future Filmmakers One

Town Hall Theatre / Time: 12:15 / Thursday 10th November 2016 / 7+
Shorts Showcase & Awards / 75 mins

1916 Rising

Cregmore NS, Galway
This stop motion animation, which also features some imagery from this period, focuses on the events of the 1916 Rising.

Love Hurts

Galway Educate Together
The children of 6th Class in Galway Educate Together National School spent the year learning all about film and media both in class and as part of an extra-curricular Film & Media Club. Along the way the children learned skills of empathy, teamwork and leadership. Love Hurts is one of the films they made together.

The Children of 1916

Knockanean NS, Co Clare
Two children from very different backgrounds meet and become friends during the 1916 Easter raising. They are caught in the middle of the fight and they both die but their families, who represent the two sides, come then, together.

This movie is a joint effort by two classes. Concept, storyboarding, drawings, backgrounds, music and editing was done by the children facilitated by teachers and visual artist in a school setting.

I Never Meant

St Josephs NS, Co Kerry
A young girl discovers that her “friend” has posted something about her online. This has a profound effect on all concerned.


Our Environment

Briarhill NS, Galway
Made in May and June 2015 by 4th class and their teacher Ms. Lenaghan who did a project on ocean acidification for the RDS primary science fair and decided then to make a documentary base on the knowledge learned.


League of Skeletons

Gortskehy NS, Co Mayo
The story is about a boy who falls through his wardrobe while playing hide and seek into a fantasy land. There he must fight his way to the top to survive.


Open Call for Best Friend

Trading Faces Film School, Galway
A young girl sets out to find a new BFF.


Women Who Changed The World

St Aidens NS, Sligo
A short film re-enacting some of the achievements of women throughout history, from the Suffragettes to Rosa Parks, whose significant contributions still impact on our lives today. The film utilises a variety of techniques such as green screen and animation.


Get Me Out of Here

Trading Faces Film School, Galway 
Bored in class, students create a fun TV show where contestants battle to get outta school!


The Friend

Filmmakers, Kilkenny
A lonely, disadvantaged girl meets a mysterious friend.


The Chase

Sam FitzGerald, St Joseph’s NS , Kerry 
Lots can happen when you’re on the run. A tribute to Charlie Chaplin


Galway Film Centre Animation Camps

Plane Crash, Just a Normal Morning, Why Did We Do This: The Movie, Rileys Adventures, Potato Man, Adventure Land, Walk in the Woods, A Knights Journey, Attack of the Pacman, Mountain Dew Monstrosity, New Lawn Mower Man, Penguin Christmas, The Evil Bacon, Fly High, Lil Dino Explosion,  Neil Armstrong Makes it to Mars, Porta-danger, The Lolly Rob, The Velventeen Rabbit.