A Jar Full Of Life (Vielmachglas)

Runtime 85 mins
Screening in Pálás cinema
Sunday 10th
Monday 11th
Tuesday 12th
Wednesday 13th
Thursday 14th
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Language: German  |  Cycle: Senior  |  Subtitles: English  |  Genre/Theme: Comedy, Drama  |  Age: 15+

A contemporary comedy/drama about Marleen, a young woman in her early 20s, struggling to find her way in the world. At a loss when her older brother dies in a tragic accident, she decides to remember him by completing a voyage to Antarctica that he had planned himself. It’s a long and arduous trip but along the way, she finds meaning and self-understanding as well as a host of colourful new friends

Key Study Areas TY/CSP Studies
Director Florian Ross
Writer Finn Christoph Stroeks
Country Germany
Year 2017

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